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Awnings by design

At this time we are not accepting orders for repairs of any Awnings By Design installations or products. Contact us if you’d like to replace an existing unit.

After many years in business Awnings by Design and it’s sister company Sun City Awning have closed. Awnings by Design once serviced the east valley distributing awnings and other shade materials to mixed Awnings by Design reviews. If you have been effected by their closing we have some tips that might help.

I Have an Awnings by Design Product, Now what?

Contact Havana Shade. We’ll be happy to review your situation with you and see how we can help. In some cases we’ll be able to continue servicing your product. We also have an exhaustive list of contractors and vendors who will be able to help.

In April 2019 Awnings By Design Replaced THeir Site with the Following Message:

We initiated a plan with most of our suppliers to still get your project completed…and in most cases, this will be done for roughly the balance of what you owe on your contract.  Here’s how…
You can now work directly with our suppliers to get your product at our wholesale cost.  We’ve sent your information to them and they will reach out to you soon.  They have your order on hand with the product type, dimensions, colors, etc., and in most cases they will ship directly to your home.  You can pay the supplier directly via credit card.
When you talk with the supplier, they will give you the name of installers who worked for us so you can contact them for installation once you receive your product.  These installers no longer work for our company, are not affiliated with the suppliers, and in most cases are not licensed contractors, but they are knowledgeable and legally able to perform your installation under the State handyman exemption. Installers will most likely need to be paid in cash or a check since they are not set up to accept credit cards.

This is an statement of what not to do. The former owners of Awnings by Design encourage existing clients to deal with their suppliers directly and hire individuals who once worked for them to complete the installations paid to Awnings by Design. Since these individuals are former employees of Awnings by Design, you would be dealing with unlicensed and uninsured individuals acting without cover a contract. This can just lead to more uncertainty and frustration.

I was planning to hire Awnings by Design

If you’re still interested in receiving a quote, then perhaps Havana Shade is now your best option. Here’s why:

  • We offer lifetime motor warranties.
  • On site estimates.
  • Service anywhere in Arizona.

We’re serious about our work, and genuinely excited in our products. Our staff is made up of the veterans of the industry who’ve come together to innovate our catalog. We use patented technology and bring the best products in the world to Arizona.


We don’t just offer the same old, rickety screens and awnings. We promote modern, innovative, reliable options that use improved technology to last longer and shade better. Lifetime motor warranties for every product we install with a motor. Plus, get an on-site estimate anywhere in Arizona! Whether you’re in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills or anywhere else in Arizona, we’re interested in getting your phone call and setting an appointment to see exactly what you need, where you need it!

Call 480.734.2070

BUilt For Phoenix

Havana Shade is your local Phoenix shade supplier. Screens are designed and built in Phoenix for Phoenix.

Get the fresh air without the Bugs or Weather! Havana Screens will insulate in the winter and shade in summer. This means you can enjoy more than just the view. Our screens allow air flow but filter out dust, debris, and bugs. 

10-Year Motor Warranty

Our screen motors are some of the best in the industry. We’re so confident in them that we offer a 10 – year warranty on all our motors.

Greater Coverage

Havana Shade offers screen installs that can be seamless up to 30′ without compromising strength. For certain situation, certain configurations can be used to cover larger distances. 


 Proprietary technology means more versatile and reliable operation. Other screen are open on the sides while ours is enclosed and locked into side channels from top to bottom. This means less ways for debris, dust, and bugs to make their way into your patio.


 Other screen are open on the sides ours is enclosed, locked into side channels top to bottom. This means less ways for debris, dust, and bugs to make their way into your patio.

Stronger Screens

Stronger screens means more protections for your doors, windows, and patio furniture and electronics. Our screens are tested to withstand winds up to 70mph, making them some of the strongest on the market.