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What if I live in an HOA?

This depends on your HOA’s bylaws. This document would have been provided to you when your purchased the property or when it was last updated. In it you’ll find details regarding which parts of your yard or home can be changed without requesting permission first. If the HOA board’s approval is necessary we can help you submit the required details when you apply.

This depends on your HOA’s bylaws, as well as the extent of the work being performed. It’s also possible that certain, ‘permanent structures’ will require permits or some other certification from the local authorities. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

While we may not be able or allowed to work directly with your HOA to get you approved, we can certainly help you attain permission by providing you with references, mockups, and materials to be submitted with your application.

Design Questions

There are certainly limits to where we may be able to install screens, but we frequently enclose patios and have ways of doing do. This is why on-location estimates are crucial to determining the best path toward achieving your vision.

It is certainly possible and we have done it before. For many pool-owners a retractable pergola or shade sail is just what’s been missing for their outdoor oasis. While it is certainly appealing there are limits to how wide an area we can cover and certain pool shapes could preclude this. Have us out for an on-site estimate so that we can help develop the prospects for your home.  

Our patio screens come in a wide-selection of colors. Keep in mind that these colors may have varying degrees of opacity and effectiveness.

We come equipped with photos and samples to help you (and your HOA) make a decision.

Technical Questions

Could they? Probably. Will they? Probably not. Many of our clients use our screens to safely transform their porch’s into makeshift outdoor kennels, aviaries and “catios”. You shouldn’t leave your pet unattended, trusting that our screen will prevent them from leaving. Bigger animals may pose a flight risk, though it’s extremely likely that they still wouldn’t get free. They would, however, destroy the screen’s mechanisms leading to a costly service call.

Yes and no.  The material itself won’t be damaged by water, but depending on the mesh type, they may not block some water from entering your living space.  Mesh types with more open weaves allow greater air flow, tighter weave mesh less so.  For peace of mind, it is always wise to retract the screens in inclement weather. The mesh doesn’t act as a waterproof screen and therefore rain will penetrate the mesh. 

No.  Depending on the mesh type, they may block some water from entering your living space.   Mesh types with more open weaves allow greater air flow, tighter weave mesh less so.  For peace of mind, it is always wise to retract the screens in inclement weather. The mesh doesn’t act as a waterproof screen and therefore rain will penetrate the mesh.

Our screens are perfect for both existing homes and new construction. Our experienced team member will work with you to design the perfect solution to your shade needs for any style of home from traditional to contemporary.

Presales Questions

Havana Shade products are not a “Do-It-Yourself” product. Our team has specialized training in the installation and electrical work needed to do the job right.

If you have a background, tools, and experience installing similar equipment check with us to see if there’s a way we can supply you with a screen and you can install it yourself.

We recommend you keep the screens retracted when not in use to protect them from weather conditions.  We provide a simple maintenance guide for adjustments and cleaning so you can do these yourself.  We also sell a yearly maintenance visit if you would rather we handle this for you.

We offer a 10-year warranty on motors as well as a 10 year pro-rated warranty on all parts and components.

This will vary depending on product type. For patio screens it will depend on how many screens are purchased and any special circumstances that may affect installation, such as build-outs and which sort of application is being used for your screens. 

For other products the time can also vary. The production team will be able to provide you with more detail when scheduling your professional installation.

Each screen is custom made for your home and costs include full professional installation.  They are all made and assembled by hand.  Our product is superior to our competitors and When you compare our products to other companies, you’ll find that our quality stands out. We use the most up to date technology and the most durable materials available.  When you choose a Havana Shade screen, rest assured you are getting the best screen money can buy that will last for years to come.

You may have noticed your neighbors or friends have installed a retractable screen.  They are becoming a popular choice for people who want protection from the sun, wind, bugs and dust we face here in our Arizona desert.  These screens can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button and depending on the screen selected, will keep out 95% of the heat, insects and dust.  The best part is you can have this protection without losing your views!


Perfect for Sliding Glass Walls

Our screens create a reliable barrier against the elements, making them the perfect match for large, collapsible glass wall systems. It’s like having a room with the push of a button!

  • Our screens block 95% of the suns rays. This means that not only is your patio shaded, it’s protected from dust and bugs.
  • Many users find that the screens work great for containing pets, giving them a new experience as well (visit our FAQ for more details).
  • Blocking the sun means better temperature control on your patio. It stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Use your patio like and extension of your own home and have family dinners, entertain guests, or use it as a game room. 

Change the way you experience your own home and request your quote!

BUilt For Phoenix

Havana Shade is your local Phoenix shade supplier. Screens are designed and built in Phoenix for Phoenix.

Get the fresh air without the Bugs or Weather! Havana Screens will insulate in the winter and shade in summer. This means you can enjoy more than just the view. Our screens allow air flow but filter out dust, debris, and bugs. 

10-Year Motor Warranty

Our screen motors are some of the best in the industry. We’re so confident in them that we offer a 10 – year warranty on all our motors.

Greater Coverage

Havana Shade offers screen installs that can be seamless up to 30′ without compromising strength. For certain situation, certain configurations can be used to cover larger distances. 


 Proprietary technology means more versatile and reliable operation. Other screen are open on the sides while ours is enclosed and locked into side channels from top to bottom. This means less ways for debris, dust, and bugs to make their way into your patio.


 Other screen are open on the sides ours is enclosed, locked into side channels top to bottom. This means less ways for debris, dust, and bugs to make their way into your patio.

Stronger Screens

Stronger screens means more protections for your doors, windows, and patio furniture and electronics. Our screens are tested to withstand winds up to 70mph, making them some of the strongest on the market.