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Retractable Ceilings

Perfect for transforming a plain yard into a dynamic entertainment space, retractable-roof pergola systems are a unique and reliable asset to any property. They can be measured to size and engineered to be installed on a variety of foundations. Homeowners and businesses can take advantage our customizable pergolas and shade structures in the Phoenix area. Give us a call to learn more.

  • Optional under canopy lighting systems.
  • Optional surround-sound systems.
  • Optional mist systems.
  • Perfect for commercial spaces such as restaurants, parks, and gardens, and event venues. 


Pergola Shade Systems

Get the reliable open room of a full pergola without dedicating the space. Dependent pergola systems by Havana Shade can provide a balance between being a practical shade solution and a viable entertainment space. Dependent pergolas are often smaller and attach to nearby structures, such as the back of your home or side of a business. We customize each system for our clients to their space. This ensures we find the greatest functional and design-savvy solution for their specific needs.


Pergolas for Venues

Patrons of your restaurant and guests of your venue will enjoy the large pergolas and shade structures that we offer in the Phoenix area. Providing entertaining options in any climate can dramatically transform your guests’ experience. Complete the atmosphere of your restaurant, café, or outdoor hospitality space in a way your clientele deserves. With over a half-dozen styles that can be tailored to your environment, your business is sure to benefit from our pergolas. We offer add-ons options to our shade structure that enhance the value even further:

  • Side Enclosures and Screens (limited models)
  • Mist Systems 
  • Integrated Lighting System
  • Surround Sound
  • Custom Electrical Work

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10-Year Motor Warranty

Our screen motors are some of the best in the industry. We’re so confident in them that we offer a 10 – year warranty on all our motors.

BUilt For Phoenix

Havana Shade is your local Phoenix shade supplier. Screens are designed and built in Phoenix for Phoenix.

Unique Custom

Pergola Designs

There are an overwhelming amount of options available for your Shade System. Sadly, most companies won’t be able to show you all your available options. Only Havana Shade can present all the options that will truly turn your outdoor space into a living experience you’ll be proud to share!


Perfect for Sliding Glass Walls

Our screens create a reliable barrier against the elements, making them the perfect match for large, collapsible glass wall systems. It’s like having a room with the push of a button!

  • Our screens block 95% of the suns rays. This means that not only is your patio shaded, it’s protected from dust and bugs.
  • Many users find that the screens work great for containing pets, giving them a new experience as well (visit our FAQ for more details).
  • Blocking the sun means better temperature control on your patio. It stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Use your patio like and extension of your own home and have family dinners, entertain guests, or use it as a game room. 

Change the way you experience your own home and request your quote!

Get the fresh air without the Bugs or Weather! Havana Screens will insulate in the winter and shade in summer. This means you can enjoy more than just the view. Our screens allow air flow but filter out dust, debris, and bugs. 

Greater Coverage

Havana Shade offers screen installs that can be seamless up to 30′ without compromising strength. For certain situation, certain configurations can be used to cover larger distances. 


 Proprietary technology means more versatile and reliable operation. Other screen are open on the sides while ours is enclosed and locked into side channels from top to bottom. This means less ways for debris, dust, and bugs to make their way into your patio.


 Other screen are open on the sides ours is enclosed, locked into side channels top to bottom. This means less ways for debris, dust, and bugs to make their way into your patio.

Stronger Screens

Stronger screens means more protections for your doors, windows, and patio furniture and electronics. Our screens are tested to withstand winds up to 70mph, making them some of the strongest on the market.