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Exclusive to Havana Shade.

TrakLoc is the key to creating a truly reliable barrier. Other channel-lock systems don’t make a tight enough seal, or won’t slide smoothly after a while. TrakLock was invented to solve these problems to become the most reliable solution on the market.

Your home will adjust and settle over time. This is especially evident in windows, door jams, and other openings over time. That’s why TrakLoc is made to be easily adjustable by the homeowner. This means you can avoid costly service calls.

Part of the reason to own a Havana Shade is because no other screen on the market can create an enclosure with the push of a button. A screen is only as good as it’s biggest gap. Using TrakLoc gives you the best seal where the screen adjoins your house.

Your screen is only an effective barrier if it has a strong seal. TrakLoc is Havana Shade’s patented channel-lock technology. It creates the tightest seal available, making it the perfect fit for your slider door.

  • Common Zip Screens
  • TrakLoc
Common Zip ScreensTrakLoc
Eliminate Plastic Components
Built to withstand heavy winds
Lifetime Motor Warranty
Home Operator Maintenance
Reliable Side Tracks
Wide Variety of Colors

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