The Havana Difference.
Smart Motor Technology

Havana Shade installs include a motorized option for most products. Our motors are integrated into the screen tube. This on-board solution protects the motor from the elements, keeping your screen rolling without issues.

Patented Channel Lock Technology

TrakLoc is the most innovative solution for retractable screens, and is only available from Havana Shade. By using this patented, channel-lock technology, we’ve created a screen that truly stands up to the elements. Every inch of fabric is locked in on the sides to increase durability. TrakLoc makes your Havana Shade not just a screen, but a barrier against the elements.

Low-Maintenance Screen Design

The screens installed by Havana Shade require less maintenance overall than other screens on the market. Our patented channel-lock technology gives the homeowner a way to make detailed adjustments overtime to keep your screens smoothly rolling. Every home will settle – that is, subtly shift over the years creating uneven patio-openings or roofs. We take the suspense out of the process by using a series of adjustable screens that can be tightened or loosened to allow from small shifts that naturally occur.

Our Screens are a functioning barrier

Unlike the run-of-the-mill shade screen, the Havana Shade product line is truly meant to create a functioning barrier against the elements. This is important if you want to protect patio furniture or electronics, conserve cooling energy in your home, or enjoy your yard anytime you please.

No Zippers

Another considerable difference that Havana Shade’s products is that we’ve removed common industry design flaws like zippers. In the absence of these weaker elements, we’ve crafted a screen that will withstand more weather, require less maintenance, and be a more enjoyable and useful product for your home or business.

Industry Leading Strength

Every aspect of a Havana Shade product is the result of meticulous trouble-shooting and problem-solving. The screen that we install on your home or business is a better, stronger product than anything we’re aware of on the market. Our screen materials are made to withstand 70mph winds. The fabric is held in place using technology borrowed from racing yachts. The channel locks bordering the screens are patented, one-of-a-kind technology. All these elements come together to create the strongest screen on the market.

Extruded Hood Casette

If you want a screen that looks just as good when rolled up as when it is in use, Havana Shade has you covered. Our screens roll up securely into a extruded cassette that can be customized to match your home and surroundings.

Made-to-Order Materials

Our screens can be customized in terms of materials and colors. All our screen fabrics and materials are built equally to withstand the elements.

Integrate with Wireless Devices and Home-Automation

No more strings or zippers! Havana Shade products can be controlled by remotes, smart phones, or home-automation. Screens can also be configured to operate on timers, blocking the sun during critical parts of the day.

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